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Day of contradictions, enigmas, confusion, not a clear day to act. Not a fortunate number.
~ 28 ~
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  • Lourdes"ready for your calls"
    Psychic: Lourdes
    Rate: $3.99 per min.  Extension: 54821
    Tampa, FL
    GODDESS OF LOVE: SPECIALIZING with questions concerning Love. Yo soy bilingue! All you wanted to kno ...
  • Psychic: Psychic Connie
    Rate: $2.99 per min.  Extension: 13131
    Connie was born clairvoyant and is an experienced spell caster. She works very closely with her spir ...
  • Star Goddess"God Bless America"
    Psychic: Star Goddess
    Rate: $5.99 per min.  Extension: 11111
    Tampa, FL
    Coolest cosmic chick on the planet!
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Mon Jul 28

  • Horoscope for Aries
    Fun and frolic is on your mind
  • Horoscope for Taurus
    Don’t blow up at the folks at home
  • Horoscope for Gemini
    You can cut a good deal for yourself
  • Horoscope for Cancer
    Buy something to make yourself feel better
  • Horoscope for Leo
    Moon in your sign makes it all about you
  • Horoscope for Virgo
    Don’t let pride stop you from asking
  • Horoscope for Libra
    Male friends have a proposal for you
  • Horoscope for Scorpio
    Do your job to the best of your ability
  • Horoscope for Sagittarius
    important word finally arrives
  • Horoscope for Capricorn
    Other people’s resources flow your way
  • Horoscope for Aquarius
    Partners pitch quite the fit
  • Horoscope for Pisces
    Take some pride in your work product