Prosperity Ritual


An old pagan ritual, and my only superstition, I dance sky clad, a euphemism for naked, and burn a dollar bill as a sacrifice at the Equinox's March 20 and Sept 23. Coming from a time when it was a distinct possibility that one might not survive a harsh winter, and invoking the time-honored tradition of sacrificing something you value, you dance under the stars in the Spring at the Vernal Equinox, while burning a single dollar bill (it only takes a few seconds, and no, you don't get more if you burn a twenty). You thank God (or whatever name you call him, her, or it) for keeping you warm, safe, dry & fed through the winter while asking for a good growing season (prosperity). In the Fall at the Autumnal Equinox, you give thanks for a good summer and ask to be kept safe, warm, dry and fed through the winter. Less messy than a blood sacrifice and not against the law like sacrificing your first born child, it is a sacrifice (the burning making it a "pure offering") of something we value, along with the heartfelt, grateful (thank you thank you thank you thank you) acknowledgment that without God's grace and indulgence, none of us would make it to the next season. We can all use a little bit more prosperity and, after all, it couldn't hurt.